Hair Removal E- Light IPL Machine / Acne Treatment Intense Pulsed Light Machine

Hair Removal E- Light IPL Machine / Acne Treatment Intense Pulsed Light Machine


Treatment theory :

IPL (intensive pulse light )has the similar theory and system with lasres whereby light energy is aimed to specific target cells of the skin .The light energy is then translated into heat energy to the targeted area which may result in skin damage then cause the natural healing process which will rebuilds new collagen and renovates broken capillaries and pigmented lesions .

RF excites water molecules producing consisted heat which decreases the pores size and tightens the skin and tighten the skin .

SHR (super hair removal ) with single pulse mode emits energy averagely ,With lower energy and repeated treatment on the same areas it can gradually heat the hair follicle and finally the accumulated heat cause the damage of hair follicle and realize the real painfree hair removal treatment .




Pigment : freckle lentigo age spot with spot like

Skin rejuvenation pores shrinking superfical wrinkle skin texture improvement

Hair removal

Acne improvement

Vascular lesion removal

Advantages :


Lamp emits count more than 320000 times

Adopt opt ipl flash rf surface cooling technologies on one machines

More comfortable flash technology extend ipl working time so the energy density can be turn down iin each flashing time

Working with 2000w power procedure time is short

Six fliters can be used

Three type of spot size for choice it has rf function

Vacuum function is optional

Three type of spot sizes for choice




RF frequency : 2.64MHZ
RF time : 0.1-3.0s
Pulse interval : 3-5s
1st pulse width : 0.1-10ms
Sub pulse width : 0.1-10ms
1st pulse interval : 0.1-20ms
Sub pulse interval : 0.1-20ms
Cooling : air water and semi conductor cooling
SHR power 2000w
Working mode : in motion mode stamping mode
Frequency ; 1-10HZ
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