1000W Multifunction Beauty Machine Big Power Output Wide Range for hair removal skin rejuvenation



How it works?

This machine combines IPL, E-light and Radio Frequency 3 different technologies, with 3 separate treatment handles and has a very good effect on hair removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, pigment therapy, vascular therapy and breast lifting.



A. E-light treatment handle:

1. Deeply wrinkle removal and face lifting

2. Unwanted hair removal: take advantage of intensive pulsed light and RF energy (could act on skin below 8 mm), act on the pore directly to remove the thick dark hair, and lighten tiny hair

3. Dermis spots, pigment and red blood streak removal

4. Acne treatment: reducing the activities of sebaceous gland

5. Breast lifting


B. IPL treatment handle:

It’s professional for hair removal


C. RF treatment handle:

1. Face lifting

2. Skin lifting around eyes

3. Skin lifting on neck

4. Improve the conditions of sagging skin

5. Forehead wrinkle removal

6. Breast lifting

7. Renew back contours

8. Renew belly contours

9. Renew buttocks and legs contours

10. Hand care, and effective to removal the whelk and its scar



1. Big touch color LCD screen, comfortable and elegant

2. Adopts the most advanced plug and play joint in the world, integrating the automatic water and electricity protection, making the installation and operation more easy, safe and reliable

3. Unique and exclusive “air switch” assembly in China, the quick reaction than fuse, greatly make the operator, patients and device safe.

4. Big power output

5. Exclusive and beautiful panel of device, make most popular worldwide

6. Wide range of treatment, great effect, and with high safety factor

7. Unique technology over the worldwide.

8. Combined with E light (IPL+RF), IPL and RF machines together, and it has three different handpieces, three separate systems.

9. Easy to operation, safer when treatment.



Display Screen 7.4 inch color touch LCD screen
Power Supply Output 1000W
IPL Light Energy 1-50J
RF Energy 1-50J
RF Frequency 6MHz
Handpiece number IPL, E-light, RF 3 handles
Cooling System semiconductor + air + water + cooling system
Skin Cooling ≤-3-10℃
Program languages English, Spanish, France, Deutsch, Italian…
Voltage AC 220V/50Hz; AC 110V/60Hz
Dimension 36*37*50cm
Weight 20Kg


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